Sunday, October 14, 2007

The KIPP Question

The KIPP model has been held up in many circles as a silver bullet solution for urban education, and the “KIPP question” that I’ve heard many times is, “If KIPP can achieve dramatically better results with urban kids, why can’t everyone else?” This week, I’ll consider some of the issues raised by the KIPP case.

Monday: Does KIPP have a positive effect on the academic achievement of the kids they serve, and what kind of data do we need to decide?

Tuesday: What does it mean to hold a lottery, and how is the idea of a lottery relevant for evaluating KIPP?

Thursday: Does KIPP present a solution to the problems of urban education? In other words, would KIPP-style schools improve the achievement of the kids who currently do not attend KIPP schools? What are the implications of attrition – that is, that kids who begin in 5th grade may not stay through 8th grade – for our understanding of KIPP’s effects?

Friday: What lessons does KIPP offer for urban education reform?

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