Sunday, October 7, 2007

This week: School Choice - Trick or Treat?

25 days to contemplate your getup and resist your daughter's pleas to rock a Bratz costume. With Halloween on the horizon, we have a facile metaphor through which to consider the issue of school choice. So in this three-part series, I will consider the evidence. What you'll see, I think, is that school choice really is a grab bag of tricks and treats.

Tuesday - The Evander Childs Turnaround: A NYC Small School Trick?

Wednesday - Do Families Choose School Quality or School Racial/Class Composition?

Thursday - Can School Choice Close the Achievement Gap? Evidence from Chicago


Anonymous said...

I want to see more Kahlenberg on your blog. Tough Liberal might be book of the year, seriously. Kahlenberg also has some material on school choice that stands on its own and also fits nicely into conversations on school desegregation.

eduwonkette said...

Hi there,
I haven't read it yet - but thanks for the suggestion! I'll put it on my list.

ed notes online said...

I've been reading the Kahlenberg book and it is packed with info albeit from a basic sympathetic non-critical point of view, ignoring some of the many Shanker contradictions. It should be read in the context of other sources to get a true balanced view. But it does cover all the bases.

Kahlenberg will be at a symposium at NYU with Diane Ravitch and Debbie Meir at the end of October.