Monday, November 19, 2007

NYC Report Card Haiku Finale!

Last week, readers wrote 68 haiku, which are published here as the New York City Report Card Haiku Magazine! Read it, print it, share it.

In lieu of holding a vote for the best haiku, I've decided to share my five favorite ones instead:

Amateur Night's spozed
to be at the Apollo
not at Tweed courthouse
-Anonymous 7:50 AM

Step onto the scale
I'm fatter than my neighbor
So I'll get a C
-Anonymous 12:31 AM

My school got an A
I never learned to Haiku
I read passages
-Doug Douglass

The wise little tree
Bends with the strong winds and does
Not break easily
-Anonymous 10:21 PM

The only numbers
that level the playing field
have a dollar sign
-Anonymous 10:54 PM

Thank you to everyone who contributed a haiku!

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