Sunday, November 4, 2007

Reporting on NYC's Report Cards

eduwonkette was not intended to be a blog about NYC school reform, but the folks up in NYC provide lots to write about. This week, the NYC Department of Education will release report cards grading its schools - see the NY Times article here. While 15% of schools will get As, 5% will get Fs. Here's this week's outline:

Monday - The Report Card Management Strategy in Other Sectors

Tuesday - NYC School Report Cards I: What kinds of schools received As, Bs, etc?

Wednesday: Did the Department of Education Flub the Peer Comparison Groups?: A Closer Look at the NYC Report Card Data

Thursday - What Does It Mean for a School to Be Good?: In this post, I explain the theory behind NYCs school grades, and look at schools that did well in their environmental category score but poorly overall, and vice versa.

Friday - Problems with the NYC Report Cards

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