Monday, December 17, 2007

Private Schools (and Starbucks) in DC

Percent of K-12 Kids Enrolled in Private School in DC: 2000

Readers wanted a DC map, and soupa-prof delivered. Click to enlarge - and for fun, the Starbucks are represented by green dots.


Sherman Dorn said...

A minor point on palette choices: while my minor contact time with geography/mapping types tells me that the scale for the DC thematic map is consistent with standard principles, in this particular case I would have chosen a monochromatic scale because of the sometimes dramatic differences between adjacent regions. With this particular choice, it is sometimes hard to grasp the relationships. I don't agree with Edward Tufte that monochromatic is generally preferred, but this is one of the very few times I'd disagree with soupa-prof's choices.

Sherman Dorn said...

One other point: I know that mapping Starbucks is easier, but Starbucks in DC would correlate heavily with the federal-office area and then (minorly) with diplomacy row. I'm guessing that the swath of dark blue in the near NW is in the DuPont-Zoo corridor. Any other retail or facilities data that might be indicative of residential wealth?