Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NYC School Report Cards: How Did the Community School Districts Fare?

Here are a few figures on how the Community School Districts fared in the report cards. More commentary and interpretation on this later. You can click on the table below to enlarge it.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the citywide percentage of CSD schools receiving A's or B's is 60.5%. That suggests that the top 5 CSD's (25, 26, 29, 10 and 24) did significantly better than the city average, and the bottom 2 CSD's (31 and 23) did significantly worse. The remaining 25 CSD's had a confidence interval which includes the citywide figure of 60.5%.

sol said...

It's also interesting that 23 is Cashin's home district and they had their big run ups in years past (see the high praise the Times' article of december 2006 gave her as promoting the anti-leadership school model). I'm sure Klein & Co. would want to sandbag her if at all possible. Empowerment schools also had the advantage of unofficially being able to dump and reject kids with greater ease.

Sol said...

I may have missed something but where is the factoring in for class size. District One, which did well, has some of the lower class size numbers in the city.