Monday, December 3, 2007

Two New York Minutes: See "Class Dismissed" and Save JREC

Two important notes for New Yorkers:

1) On Thursday, December 6th, Teachers Unite and NYCORE are sponsoring a screening of "Class Dismissed," a documentary about the textbook industry and the teaching of history, from 5-7 PM at the Julia Richman Education Complex, 317 East 67th between 1st and 2nd Ave. Seating is limited, so RSVP to sally (at) teachersunite (dot) net if you'd like to attend.

2) After you visit the Julia Richman Education Complex (JREC), visit the "Save JREC" website and get involved in the effort to keep Hunter College from displacing the six small schools housed there. JREC has hosted these schools since 1996, and is a national model for shared building governance. Now Hunter College would like to build a high rise in its place - you can read about Hunter College's plans here. But as those fighting for JREC have argued:
A school is never simply a physical structure – especially not a constellation of schools that have worked for more than a decade to fuse a cooperative community for children ranging from toddlers to seniors in high school. And students, parents, and staff are not widgets that can be carted off somewhere and expected to operate with success – particularly with the high-level of success that the JREC community has achieved.
Please visit the website or email SAVEJREC (at) jrec (dot) org for more information.

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