Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where NYC's Gossip Girls (and Boys) Are

Earlier, I posted the percentage of NYC K-12 kids attending private school by Community School District, but let's get specific. From which neighborhoods do NYC's private school kids hail? Here's a fun pre-Gossip Girl teaser. Not like I watch it or anything.

You'll want to click on the image below to enlarge; darker blue regions mean that higher proportions of K-12 kids are enrolled in private school. The legend is at the bottom of the map. If you'd like a better copy of this image, email me.

NYC K-12 Private School Enrollment by Census Tract, 2000

The three census tracts in Manhattan with the highest proportions of K-12 kids enrolled in private school can be found at the following addresses. No shocker, but they're all on the Upper East Side:

1) East63rd-70th between 5th and Park : 87.6% of K-12 kids attend private school

2) East 58th-63rd between 5th and Park: 87.5%

3) East 91st-96th between 5th and Park: 86.0% (This is the census tract of the GG school, which is on 93rd, east of 5th Ave.)

(Note: These are the top three census tracts in Manhattan of those that have at least 25 kids enrolled in K-12. There are actually 5 census tracts in Manhattan where 100% of kids are enrolled in private school, but there are only small numbers of kids enrolled in K-12 in these tracts- i.e. less than 25.)

Many thanks to skoolboy for the data and to soupa prof for the map; one of these two edu-boys (skoolboy) will be making a guest blogging appearance in the not-so-distant future.


EduDiva said...

I love your breakdown--I'm inspired to do something similar for my own city--but are you going to do some analysis? especially for those of us not familiar with the NYC area demographics!

eduwonkette said...

hi edudiva,
love the name and the new blog. i certainly could say more here - what kind of analysis are you looking for?

EduDiva said...


Are the #s of students attending private schools most closely related to quality of schools, income or a 3rd factor?