Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kid Nation: An Overview of the K-3 Class Size Data

Many thanks to skoolboy and Leonie Haimson for their posts on class size. Let's keep the class size ball rolling by taking a preliminary look at the NYC class size data - these data are available here. We heard a lot this week about the STAR experiment; in short, kids in small K-3 classes outperformed those in larger ones. What do NYC class sizes look like for K-3 kids?
  • In grades K-3, only a fraction of NYC kids have the benefit of small classes (those with 17 or fewer). 13% of kindergarteners, 10% of 1st graders, 11% of 2nd graders, and 12% of 3rd graders are in small classes.
  • 18% of kindergarten kids are in classes of 25 or more. The largest kindergarten class in the city is 31 students (PS 332 -Charles Houston in Brooklyn).
  • 20% of 1st graders and 23% of 2nd graders are in classes of 25 or more.
  • 22% of 3rd graders are in classes of 25 or more. The largest third grade class is 33 students (PS 189 - Lincoln Terrace in Brooklyn) .

Honestly, I don't know how anyone could put 31 five year olds in one room and expect anything but madness to ensue. Charming and adorable as they are, I would be running in the other direction. Or calling a network to suggest a new reality show.

I know this isn't news to anyone familiar with NYC schools - but wow. Also, check out edwize's post on NYC class size for more details. I'll take a closer look at other grades tomorrow.

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