Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ed in '08 and "these drunk and hot girls"

Dear Steve Jobs,

Please send Bill Gates an iPod nano. If you do, I'll gift him Kanye West's albums, beginning with "College Dropout."

Looks like no one at Ed in '08 is a hip-hop fan - or perhaps they are and like song 8 on Kanye's new "Graduation" album, called "Drunk and Hot Girls." Here's the flavor:

We go through too much bullshit just to mess with these drunk and hot girls
We go through too much bullshit just to mess with these drunk and hot girls

Driving around town looking for the best spot for the
(Drunk and hot girls)

Up in the club look at here what we got some

(Drunk and hot girls)

Stop dancing with your girlfriend and come dance with me

Stop talking about your boyfriend since he is not me

Stop running up my tab cause these drinks is not free
You drunk and hot girl

Or maybe it was "School Spirit Skit 2" that turned homies Bill and Eli on to Kanye:

You keep it going man, you keep those books rolling,
You pick up those books you're going to read

And not remember and you roll man.

You get that a sociate degree, okay,

Then you get your bachelors,
then you get your masters

Then you get your master's masters,

Then you get your doctron,

You go man, then when everybody says quit

You show them those degrees man,
Everybody says hey,
you're not working,

You're not making in money,

You say look at my degrees and you look at my life,

Yeah I'm 52,
so what, hate all you want,

But I'm smart, I'm so smart, and I'm in school,

And these guys are out here making
Money all these ways,
and I'm spended mine to be smart.

You know why?

Because when I die, buddy, you know
What going to keep me warm, that right, those degrees.

Now, don't count Kanye out yet, as he has an answer to all this in his song "Champion" on his most recent album, "Graduation:"

Last week I paid a visit to the institute
They got the crop out keepin' kids in the school

I guess I'll clean up my act like Prince'll do

If not for the pleasure, least for the principle

Note to Bill and Eli - use those Benjamins to hire McKinsey to track down more appropriate tunes to reach out to the African-American community.

For the record, my vote goes to Mary J. Blige.

More commentary on the choice of Kanye for Ed in '08's ad campaign over at Matthew Tabor and District Administration.


Double H said...

Kanye's lyrics may be somewhat problematic but he comes from the hip hop tradition that offers a critique of schooling, which is to say that school for some doesn't always equal education. Think Dead Prez... One important caveat is that Kanye's mom is a noted educator in Chicago and he has carried the baton for ed reform in his hometown previously. And I would worry about Mary J. Did she ever graduate from high school or get that GED?

Ms. Miller said...

Why not Kelis? Her dad's a professor at Wesleyan...

Matthew K. Tabor said...

Thanks for the link - I added you to Smart Blogs and my RSS reader after seeing the nod from Eduwonk.

Double H,

Since when does one's mother's CV justify one's role in... anything?