Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cool people you should know: Jennifer Russell

There have been a number of pop books claiming that American childhood has fundamentally changed and is not just about "kid stuff" anymore - but what are academics saying about this question?

Enter Jennifer Russell, a new professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education. As a doctoral student at Berkeley's School of Education, Russell's dissertation research examined the extent to which kindergartens have shifted from a developmental model emphasizing social skills and play to a year of formal academic instruction. Part of her dissertation focused on how state and local policies, like testing and accountability, influence kindergarten teachers’ instructional practices. Great topic, and really important questions - we'll all stay tuned for her forthcoming papers.


Jennifer said...

Oh! I want to read that! How can I get a copy?

eduwonkette said...

Hi Jennifer, I would suggest emailing her at jrussel (at) pitt (dot) edu and ask if she has any working papers, or if she's willing to share her dissertation.